Once upon a time... an ambitious and daring challenge!

Isabelle and Philippe love nature.
He...is a farmer, She...is a merchant (decoration store).
In November 2011, Isabelle decides to sell her store and invest in a project that is close to their hearts, both of them.
Two hectares planted with hazelnuts, oaks, black pines, but also birches and lime trees, cedars and hornbeams, a thousand truffle trees surrounded by a protective device two meters high.

But the adventure was just beginning with a project that was to be built over nearly 10 years!

Truffle growing is a highly uncertain art.
The end of winter 2011 was announced catastrophic: frosts until - 25° which involved the loss of a hundred trees.
In the summer of 2015, as the trees began to grow, an invasion of white grubs destroyed the roots of over two hundred trees.
Philippe and Isabelle do not give up, however, and decide to replant.
Spring 2019...the fruit of so much hope and work; the truffle is back in production!
Orka, a young dog of six months, who had just been freshly trained, then found her first truffle of 121 gr!
In recent years, the weather has not allowed Orka's talents to be showcased, as Mother Nature has decided to crack down on historic droughts.
Today, the truffle is ready to welcome you.
Philippe and Isabelle invite you to share this pleasure of "caver", a term borrowed from the Italian "cavare" which means to dig, to extract.
There are taboos around digging...especially the places where truffles grow!
For many cavers in the natural environment, the secret turns out to be useful, as the truffle arouses covetousness! Impossible to make a demonstration of digging without revealing the so-called "secret" places! This is why Isabelle and Philippe offer digging demonstrations, which allow you to discover a real passion.

A passion strongly linked to Nature but also an Epicurean passion... caver and taste immediately brushed, the truffle that you have just flushed out ... it is quite simply called PURE HAPPINESS!