Nos conseils truffe

Nos conseils truffe

On the market, you have just bought a few tens or hundreds of grams of fresh truffles… here are some tips to become a connoisseur!
  • A quality truffle must be firm to the touch, fragrant and fragrant; its flesh is mottled, dark brown in color.
  • These characteristics can be assessed by "canifage", an operation which consists of removing a small fragment of flesh with a knife.

Truffles can be stored:
  • in the fridge: a week in the bottom, whole, in an airtight box containing a sheet of paper towel (this paper should be changed every day).
  • in the freezer: wrapped in aluminum foil.

Our recommendations :

  • do not peel the truffles. We use the whole truffle, whole, minced or grated.
  • place your truffles, minced or grated, in a medium containing butter, cream, eggs or cheese (parmesan for a risotto), for 1 to 2 days before using them, in the sauce to accompany a dish (knowing that fatty substances fix the flavor of truffles very well).
  • count 10 gr of truffles per person and per dish.
  • NEVER COOK Burgundy truffles for LONG!
  • depending on the recipe, use them raw, infuse them (less than 60°) or add them at the last moment in the dish or in the sauce.